The Ultimate Parent's Guide to Eliminating Tantrums

The Ultimate Parent's Guide to Eliminating Tantrums

All behavior is communicating something. Your child really wants to do well. Tantrums occur because a child is trying to communicate a desire, need, want, emotion, or thought. Depending on their developmental age, chronological age, maturity level, environment, and the prior behaviors that were reinforced, the tantrums may have become reinforced and now occur out of habit. The bottom line is that tantrums are a way for your child to communicate with you. Your child is essentially learning how to communicate with you. As a parent, it is important for you to become sensitive to your child’s signals and communication patterns.

This mini guide goes through the why behind your child's tantrums and provides practical, to the point strategies from an experienced child/pediatric psychologist and parent coach, to help you decrease and eventually eliminate tantrums.

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